Aurinia Ford

Aurinia Ford Dealership Chooses Flowcrete Flooring

The Aurinia Ford car dealership based in Silverton, Gauteng, required durable flooring solutions during the refurbishment of its workshop and outdoor wash bay areas. Thanks to the proven track record of supplying flooring solutions for the automotive industry, Flowcrete South Africa were called upon.

For the main workshop area, 780 m2 of the self-levelling epoxy floor coating system Flowshield SL was chosen in the colour Mid Grey.

The chemical and wear resistance properties of Flowshield SL meant that the flooring would withstand daily exposure to moving vehicles and point loading, as well as the potential exposure to acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohol and fuel inherent in automotive environments.

For the wash bay areas, 270 m2 of Deckshield ID was chosen. With the wash bays being outside, the UV resistant property of the flexible polyurethane deck coating system was necessary, to avoid discoloration of the floor’s surface in the harsh sunlight. Similarly, slip resistance was required to keep staff safe in the wet wash areas.

150 m2 of bright yellow Flowcoat UV was also utilised to provide line demarcation, clearly showing individual bays within the facility.

The installation was completed within seven days, and the newly refurbished facility could open its doors once more.

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