Bespoke Mezzanine Floor for Luxury Furniture Store

Weylandts, a furniture store in the Umhlanga suburb of Kwazulu Natal, called on Flowcrete South Africa to create a floor for its new mezzanine extension that would match the finish across its ground floor.

In 2009, a stunning white surface was installed across the store’s first floor using the epoxy flooring system Flowshield. This solution conveyed Weylandts’ minimalistic style and would provide an easy to clean, high performance surface despite the foot traffic, point loading, scrapes, scuffs and scratches that it would be faced with on a daily basis.

When Weylandts wanted to install a floor across its 330m2 mezzanine area, it decided that a system with the same aesthetics, functionality and longevity properties was required. However, the upstairs level presented an application challenge, as it had a coated imported shutter board substrate that the resin system would have to be laid onto. 

To overcome this issue, a combination of products was specified and a special plan was devised to prep the shutter boards. The boards were sanded to level them out and to remove the coating and then the gaps between the boards were filled in using a combination of scatter aggregate and Ivory 320.

Deckshield LXP primer was applied, followed by a coat of the polyurethane system Deckshield in white and was finished with two coats of Deckshield UV. Each layer was given a cure time of 12 hours before the next stage was laid down.

The entire installation was carried out during normal trading hours with very minimal disruption to Weylandts’ business.

Project Details

  • Client: Weylandts
  • Products: Deckshield
  • Market Sector: Retail
  • Location: Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
  • Year: 2016

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