Capital Blood Disorder Hospital

Flowcrete Lends A Helping Hand At Capital Blood Disorder Hospital

Flowcrete South Africa has recently been involved in flooring works for the privately owned, Blood Disorders Hospital in Mayville, Durban. 

The 60-bed hospital opted for a number of specialist resin systems from Flowcrete South Africa to be installed across the footprint of the entire hospital. 

2,700 square metres of Peran STB - a hard-wearing, epoxy resin floor coating - was installed in light cream across all four levels of the hospital. Each level opted for a different colour demarcation to provide a changing but consistent aesthetic throughout.  

Peran STB is highly decorative and well suited to commercial and industrial workspaces, as well as both wet and dry areas where the floor is subject to heavy traffic, impact and even chemical spills. The floor finishes on each level were also complemented with over 3,000 square metres of Flowseal EPW, an epoxy system that has been purposefully designed for walls where it creates a hygienic seal. 

200 square metres of electrostatic discharge system, Flowshield ESD SL was specified for all operating and theatre rooms in the hospital. This system was recommended in order to safely prevent any static charge from disrupting or damaging the sensitive electronic equipment found within these areas. 

A further 400 square metres of Flowfresh SR Ultra was used in the hospital’s catering kitchen.

Project Details

  • Client: Capital Blood Disorder Hospital
  • Products: Commercial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Medical
  • Location: Durban, South Africa
  • Year: 2014

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