Acacia Beverages

From the Floors to the Walls at Acacia Beverages

To create a hygienic and colourful environment within its new bottling plant in Lusaka, Acacia Beverages specified 5,150m2 of Flowcrete Africa’s specialist resin floor and wall solutions.

The drinks manufacturer knew that it was important to install floors and walls that would be easy to clean and that would retain a seamless finish in the face of the site’s intensive operational activity. 

One of the key reasons that Flowcrete Africa was chosen for the project was that it could provide every required system in a bespoke yellow-green colour.

The floor in the contamination-sensitive process area of the site would face the most demanding challenges, such as impacts, point loading, frequent cleaning and spillages. To ensure that it was up to the task, 450m2 of Flowfresh SR Ultra was installed. This HACCP International certified, polyurethane floor screed creates an exceptionally durable surface and has the antimicrobial additive Polygiene® incorporated within it.

The walls in the process area were covered with 900m2 of Flowseal EPW. This epoxy coating extended the same seamless, easy-to-clean properties around the sides of Acacia Beverages’ processing room as it had on its floor.  

Outside of the processing area, 1,600m2 of Flowcoat SF41 was applied within the packaging zone and storerooms. 2,200m2 of Flowshield SL was also used for Acacia Beverages’ dry processing area thanks to the ability of this self-smoothing epoxy system to withstand high levels of mechanical and chemical stress.

During the six-month project, Flowcrete Africa had to make sure that the flooring application fitted around the client’s work program.

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