L’il Masters

L’il Masters’ Creates Hygienic On-brand Factory Floor

The diaper manufacturer L’il Masters created a hardwearing and colourful floor throughout its new factory in the Kliprivier Business Park, Johannesburg using Flowcrete Africa’s Flowfresh range.

L’il Masters wanted to ensure that the floor would facilitate a productive, hygienic and efficient working environment and also reflect the company’s colours and identity. To achieve this, 7,000 m2 of the antibacterial enhanced, polyurethane system Flowfresh MF was applied in a number of different zones and in a selection of colours that matched L’il Masters branding.

Flowfresh MF was the ideal solution for the task at hand, as it would be able to maintain its bright and vibrant colouring in the face of the factory’s intensive industrial operations.

The flooring would face a number of different challenges, for example the 1,700 m2 of Sand Yellow flooring in the main manufacturing area would be exposed to physical impacts, frequent cleaning, large machinery and foot traffic while the 1,700 m2 Signal Green coating in the finished goods warehouse has to withstand point loading from very heavy pallets and the frequent movement of forklift trucks.

The other colours that were used for this project included 200 m2 of Signal Grey in the maintenance and tools area, 1,700 m2 of Tomato Red in the materials warehouse and 1,700 m2 of Light Blue in the wet wipe manufacturing, packaging and storage room.

It was imperative to ensure that each stage of the manufacturing process is as clean and sanitary as possible in order to avoid contaminants affecting the quality of the products. The seamless and impervious characteristics of Flowfresh MF makes it very easy to clean and coving was applied along the edge of each room to create a smooth transition between the floor and the wall.

Project Details

  • Client: L'il Masters
  • Products: Flowfresh
  • Market Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Year: 2018

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