Mondéco Stars in Johannesburg’s First Starbucks

Starbucks has opened its first store in Johannesburg in the Melrose Arch shopping centre, one of the very first Starbucks outlets in South Africa!

Flowcrete South Africa supplied a floor finish for the iconic coffee retailer so that the city’s coffee lovers could drink and relax with decorative, hard wearing and on-brand surface underfoot.

The long-awaited outlet specified 200 m2 of the seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco Earth for the project as it met Starbucks’ demanding aesthetic and functional criteria. The durability of this system means that it will maintain a high performance finish for an extended period of time despite the heavy foot traffic, coffee spillages, scuffs, impacts and wear that it will inevitably face in the busy store.

The stylishly dappled visual of Mondéco, which is created by including a number of attractive additives within the epoxy coating, matched the appearance of the existing tiles in the exterior area. Installing a finish that corresponded with the outdoor section created a seamless visual transition between the two parts of the store. Starbucks chose the colour option Snow for the Mondéco Earth floor, as its neutral tone complemented the brand’s globally recognised image.

Mondéco Earth’s impervious, gap-free nature is ideal for keeping the floor clean and hygienic, as it means that the staff can quickly and easily wash away any blemishes or contaminants.

In the back of house kitchen, Flowfresh MF was applied on the floor in Signal Grey while Flowcoat UV White was used to coat the walls. The antibacterial enhanced, polyurethane Flowfresh MF provides an ultra-hygienic, highly robust floor area that can withstand the heat, chemicals and abuse of a busy kitchen. Starbucks was so impressed by the finish in the kitchen that Flowfresh MF has become a standard specification for its South African outlets. 

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