Sasol Recreation Club

Recreation Club Refurbishes Floors and Pillars with Flowcrete

The Sasol Recreation Club in Secunda upgraded its floor area to create a visually stunning finish that would maintain its aesthetics for the long term.

The conferencing facility needed to refurbish the floor in order to provide its guests and delegates with a pleasant, clean and contemporary environment. To achieve this, 1,000 m2 of the seamless epoxy terrazzo system Mondéco Earth was applied in a crisp white Snow colour across the floor area.

The dappled white Mondéco Earth finish was ideal for the club’s requirements, as it portrayed a modern, minimalist appearance while simultaneously providing all the functionalities necessary within a large-scale commercial venue.

Being seamless, level and impervious, resin terrazzo floors can be cleaned very quickly and easily. The durability of this material also means that it will withstand the impacts, spillages, scratches and scrapes inherent to a busy conferencing facility. This combination of properties ensures that the floor area will reliably provide an unblemished, high-end surface.

In addition to its Mondéco Earth floor, the Sasol Recreation Club also chose to use Flowcrete Africa’s Peran STB system in a unique fashion. The decorative epoxy coating, which is made of colour stable quartz granules sealed within a clear resin binder, was installed as coved skirting as well as being vertically applied onto the building’s pillars. The colour Sandstone was used for the pillars and coving, which ideally complemented the white Mondéco Earth floor.

The refurbishment work was completed to the project’s deadline, enabling the Sasol Recreation Club to reopen on schedule.

Project Details

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