Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital

Ultra Modern Hospital Installs Ultra Hygienic Kitchen Floors

The brand new Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital in Mayville, Durban, specified high performance floors from Flowcrete South Africa for its kitchen facilities to ensure that this critical part of the site would maintain an ultra-hygienic and contaminant-free environment.

The164-bed hospital’s designers knew that the kitchen floor would need to facilitate a safe and easy-to-clean surface and that it would need to do so for an extensive period of time in the face of challenges such as spillages of liquids and hot oils, impacts from dropped utensils, point loading from heavy equipment and frequent foot traffic.

To achieve a finish that was up to the task at hand, 514 m2 of the HACCP International certified flooring system Flowfresh RT was applied across the kitchens and body layout rooms in light grey. The seamless and impervious nature of Flowfresh RT speeds up the cleaning process while its robust polyurethane formulation enables it to maintain these properties for the long term.

Coving was installed along the kitchen’s edges to ensure a smooth transition from the floor to the wall and wide, stainless steel drainage channels were incorporated into the finish to facilitate the rapid removal of dirt and grime.

The advanced, R500 million Ahmed Al-Kadi hospital specialises in providing cutting-edge medicine. Flowfresh exemplifies this commitment to utilising modern technology to improve hospital design, as it incorporates the silver-ion based bactericidal agent Polygiene®, which is able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor.

The low odour, water-based epoxy coating Flowseal EPW was applied on the kitchen walls to provide these surfaces with the same seamless, easy cleaning properties as the floor.

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