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EUCOTHANE is a two component, solvent based, polyester/aliphatic polyurethane coating that offers outstanding abrasion resistance, excellent flexibility, color stability and weather resistant characteristics. It offers very good chemical resistance without compromising on aesthetics. Ideal as a topcoat for most Euclid Chemical epoxy, urethane and some masonry coatings, EUCOTHANE provides excellent anti-graffiti properties. 


FLEXOLITH SUMMER GRADE is a two-component, 100% solids, low modulus, moisture insensitive epoxy binder with properties which makes it suitable for use in applications where stress relief and resistance to mechanical and thermal movements are required. FLEXOLITH SUMMER GRADE is designed for use as a binder for overlays or non-skid surfaces and is formulated for higher temperature applications, or where a longer working time is required.


SUPER WALL-PRO is a fiber reinforced, water based acrylic coating that weatherproofs, protects and beautifies a variety of wall surfaces and other building materials. SUPER WALL-PRO is a non-toxic, non-fading, tintable coating which provides a tough, extremely flexible high build film. SUPER WALL-PRO contains no asbestos, glass or ceramic fibers. 


TAMMS H/P PRIMER aids in the proper curing of acrylic resin or cement based masonry coatings, especially when applied to hot or porous surfaces. TAMMS H/P PRIMER dries rapidly to create a breathable barrier within the substrate surface. The barrier retards the excessive absorption of moisture from the coating into the substrate, and aids in the proper curing of the coating. This action helps to minimize “cratering” of acrylic coatings, and the formation of shrinkage cracks in cementitious materials. TAMMS H/P PRIMER is necessary on porous surfaces or when the weather is warm and windy. 


TAMMS MASONRY PRIMER is a heavy-bodied, water-based, 100% acrylic resin emulsion block filler used as a primer for Euclid Chemical decorative coating systems such as TAMMSCOAT and SUPER WALL-PRO. TAMMS MASONRY PRIMER is formulated with freeze-thaw stabilizers, and finely graded texture minerals for interior or exterior, above and below grade applications.


TAMMSCOAT is a high build, water-based, acrylic coating used to protect and decorate sound masonry and concrete walls. TAMMSCOAT is available in a multitude of colours in either a smooth or fine (sanded) finish. 

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