Non Flooring Products (NFP)

  • Non Flooring Products (NFP)
  • Non Flooring Products (NFP)
  • Non Flooring Products (NFP)
  • Non Flooring Products (NFP)

Floor coatings are not the only aspect of Flowcrete South Africa's vast product portfolio; we also offer a range of specialist mortars, grouts and adhesives, which are suited to a variety of construction projects..

Waterproofing and Damp-Proof Membranes

Hydraseal DPM - A solvent-free liquid DPM (damp proof membrane) used to create a watertight moisture barrier and control residual construction moisture with a damp proof coating laid prior to the installation of subsequent floor coverings.

Flowcem - A technically advanced epoxy cement self-smoothing composite used as a surface damp proof underlayment.

Protective Coatings and Linings

Flowcrete 317 Hi Wear - An epoxy wearing compound containing graded ceramic fillers, to line plant and equipment subject to a high degree of abrasive wear.

Flowcrete 317 LV Wearcote - A new, high technology, brushable composite designed to combine impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Flowcrete 338 & 338 LR - A specialized high performance chemical resistant epoxy resin. Supplied as a coating or clear laminating resin.

Flowcrete 340 - A solvent free, high build, epoxy coating and tank lining with high chemical resistance and low vapour transmission properties.

Flowcrete 340 FG - A solvent free, high build, epoxy coating utilizing resins compliant with the requirements of the FDA regulation 21CFR 175.300 for coatings in contact with food, potable water or alcoholic beverages containing up to 12% alcohol by volume.

Flowcrete 340/5/LV - A low viscosity, solvent free, penetrating epoxy system used for the saturation and penetration of timber and ply wood to seal and strengthen.

Flowcrete 348 - A highly chemical resistant epoxy mortar, used as a floor screed on areas subject to hard wear and tear.

Ivomastic Primer - Ivomastic is a twin pack, surface tolerant modified epoxy primer and coating used as an anti-corrosive primer for steel structures, particularly where blast cleaning may not be possible. 

Floor, Wall & Roof Coatings

Flowprime - A solvent free high performance epoxy primer for concrete, which provides a fast thin film cure with absence of amine blush under low temperatures and high humidity.

Flowprime 303 - A solvent based, clear, low viscosity polyamide cured epoxy primer used when applying solvent free epoxy coatings to dense concrete surfaces.

Ivocryl - A unique performance UV resistant single pack coating designed to be used in conjunction with Ivocryl Straw Primer to provide outstanding protection to galvanised roofs, masts and structural steel.

Ivosheen - A finishing paint, formulated to give excellent durability for interior and exterior applications.

Super Satin - A waterborne polyurethane clear coating, formulated to be ultra durable and create a matt finish.

Flowcrete 402 - An amber coloured solvent based single component, moisture cured polyurethane sealer, which deeply penetrates, binds and seals cementitious substrates to form a tough and flexible film providing excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Concrecote - An acrylic based coating which cures to form a tough, flexible, elastic film with good adhesion and excellent resistance to ultraviolet light.

Flowseal EPW AF - Coloured semi-gloss water based epoxy coating system with antifungal properties for wall and floor applications.

Grouts & Mortars

Flowcrete 318/30 - A three component, high strength epoxy pourable grout used for a variety of grouting purposes including fixing bolts and anchors into concrete.

Flowcrete 328 - An epoxy mortar with excellent chemical and water resistance. Used for tile jointing in battery rooms, breweries, bottling plants, kitchens and dairies.

Flowcrete 328 H.C.- A high chemical resistant epoxy resin based system compounded with selected and graded aggregates to form a tile grouting compound impervious to penetration and degradation by raw materials and cleaning chemicals utilized in the food and beverage industry.

Conrep Bondex - A cementitious polymer modified bonding agent or reinforcement primer.

Conrep Superplaster & Superscreed - A ready to use, rapid cure multi-purpose mortar formulated to have good slump resistance on vertical surfaces, minimal shrinkage and a rapid cure.

Conrep SF65 - A ready for use, non-shrink and cementitious grout. Conrep SF65 is formulated using selected aggregates and plasticizers resulting in high flow ability with minimum water additions ensuring high compressive strengths.

Adhesives, Compounds & Resins

Aquapaste - A quick set, flexible, trowel consistency adhesive used for bonding concrete, steel, alloys, glass ceramic, quarry and mosaic tiles, bricks and the most common building materials.

Flowtex HM - A high performance gun grade, single component, and moisture cured polyurethane resin based joint sealants for use in industrial floors.

Flowcrete 318 - A general purpose, medium viscosity, clear, structural, liquid epoxy.

Flowcrete 318B - A solvent free, adhesion promoted medium viscosity epoxy laminating resin and adhesive for cold moulding.

Flowcrete 319 TAQ - A quick set, flexible, trowel consistency adhesive for bonding concrete, steel, alloys, glass ceramic, quarry and mosaic tiles, bricks and the most common building materials.

Flowcrete 320 - A two component medium cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive with excellent gap filling properties.

Flowcrete Matrix LR - A high performance laminating epoxy designed for applications requiring high physical and mechanical performance. Suitable for "post-cure" applications.

Flowcrete 312 - An epoxy tar adhesive used for fixing "cats-eyes" onto road surfaces, creating rumble strips, bonding concrete kerb stones to asphalt surface and other non-structural applications.

Flowcrete 108 - an epoxy / amidoamine resin compound used for bonding new concrete to existing concrete, plaster to concrete or bricks and providing a damp proof barrier within concrete.

Flowcrete 301 Paste - a flexible, modified epoxy compound for the underwater sealing and waterproofing of cracked concrete surfaces of reservoirs, dams, underground storage tanks, canals and swimming pools, marine structures.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete South Africa's Non Flooring Products range...

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Aquapaste System Data Sheets
Bio Remove System Data Sheets
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Conrep SF65 System Data Sheets
Conrep Superplaster & Superscreed System Data Sheets
Eraze System Data Sheets
Flowcem VS System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 312 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 317 Hi Wear System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 317LV Wearcote System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 318 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 318/30 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 318B System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 319 Hi Bond System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 319TAQ System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 320 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 328 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 338 & 338LR System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 340 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 340 F.G. System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 340/5/LV System Data Sheets
Flowcrete 402 System Data Sheets
Flowcrete Matrix System Data Sheets
Flowflex HM System Data Sheets
Flowprime System Data Sheets
Flowprime 303 System Data Sheets
Flowprime 366 System Data Sheets
Galvprep System Data Sheets
Glimmer Wax System Data Sheets
Hand Cleaner AB System Data Sheets
Hydraseal DPM System Data Sheets
Ivocryl System Data Sheets
Ivocryl Straw Primer System Data Sheets
Ivodet System Data Sheets
Ivoflex System Data Sheets
Ivory 348 System Data Sheets
Ivosheen System Data Sheets
Kwikshine System Data Sheets
One Shot System Data Sheets
Petra System Data Sheets
Phos Etch System Data Sheets
Remove System Data Sheets
Safe T-128 System Data Sheets
Safe T-3 System Data Sheets
Sanitol System Data Sheets
Scale Off System Data Sheets
Scale Off 4 System Data Sheets
Super Satin System Data Sheets
Water Soluble Brush Cleaner System Data Sheets
Zapex R System Data Sheets
Flowcem DPM Method Statements
Flowcem VS Method Statements
Flowcem With Ultra Seal Coat Method Statements
Ivory 340 Tank Lining Method Statements
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